25 Best Vape Flavours Available in UK Right Now!

25 Best Vape Flavours UK that switch away from tobacco cigarettes and try vaping with e-juice. There’s a wide variety of eLiquids on the market today, which can make choosing the right one difficult. Are you new to vaping? looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes that offers plenty of vape juice flavours to try? We’ve rounded up some of the best e liquids available the UK has to offer. Whether you’re into rich deep fruits, dessert flavoured vape liquid or just want to take your ice eliquid flavours to the next level, here are 25 of the best Frappo® E-liquids from some of the top flavour brands in the UK.

So what’s the best selling vape juice UK? Well in our opinion it’s a tough call. Both Frappo® Online Vape Juices & American Juices are experts when it comes to E-liquid flavours, no doubt about that. So why do we think they’re the best? It’s hard to know right?

1. Vibrant Apple & Mango

Our Frappo® Apple & Mango Flavour 120ml E-Liquid UK is a delicious vape pen liquid that is available in 50ml, 100ml, 120ml and now 500ml. At the moment, we only sell Apple & Mango Flavour E-Liquid in the UK however, if you would like to be notified when other Apple & Mango Flavour E-Liquids are available for purchase now. We are proud to announce that our popular summer flavour Vape Apple & Mango is back. You can’t pass up the delicious taste of fresh mangoes, or the sweet and crisp flavour of apples. Enjoy the tropical paradise in every vape with Vape Juice!

120ml E-Liquid | Only £8.99
Apple Mango Vape Juice Flavour Online UK

2. Creamy Apple & Crumble Custard 

If you’re a fan of warm apple crumble, nobody can compete with the Apple & Crumble Custard flavour of our e-liquid. We’ve crafted this after eating a real crumble in the afternoon. This is an extremely indulgent vape, which will appeal to your taste buds in ways that no other e-liquid will manage to do. Drink in the taste and experience everything that makes this juice so special. Our Apple & Crumble Custard Flavour E-Liquid UK is a delicious vape liquid that is available in 120ml. If you are interested, you can purchase our Apple & Crumble Custard Flavour E-Liquid in the UK now.

120ml E-Liquid | Only £8.99
Apple Crumble & Custard Vape Juice Flavour Online UK

3. Popping Apple Rocks

At Frappo® Online Vape Shop, we do not copy other e-liquids or resell inferior made juice at cheap prices. We make everything in a clean room from the best ingredients, so you know you are getting something better. We supply many local vape shops around the United Kingdom with Apple Rocks E-Liquid. Our products are all made with a 70/30 mixture, for clearer clouds and a more powerful throat hit. Our Apple Rocks E-Liquid UK is a delicious vape liquid that’s available in 120mL bottles. If you’re interested, you can purchase our Apple Rocks Flavour E-Liquid from our website now.

120ml E-Liquid | Only £8.99
Apple Rockz Vape Juice Flavour Online UK

4. Sweet Black jack

Black Jack is a flavour that captures the taste of everyone’s beloved Berry Mix and bridges the gap between your favourite berry juices. With a combination of blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries you can experience the fullness of the fruit but stay focused on the task at hand; vaping. Our premium flavours in the UK are vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) based which creates a higher quality vape than many e-liquids on the market today. If you love the sweet and sour taste of Black Jack E Liquid UK is for you. With a flavour as if someone has just bitten into a Black Jack sweet that is bursting with juiciness, it will make your taste buds stand to attention.

120ml E-Liquid | Only £8.99
Black Jack Vape Juice Flavour Online UK

5. Bursting Blackcurrant Menthol

Our premium range of Blackcurrant Menthol e-liquid is manufactured in the UK under our strict lab procedures, using pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Flavours are extracted from actual fruits and other high quality food ingredients. This has enabled us to maintain our exceptional taste, while ensuring that they are free from impurities and toxins. For a while now, we’ve wanted to launch an e-liquid. After much tinkering and experimentation, we’ve finally been able to perfect Blackcurrant Menthol E-Liquid UK. We’re very excited to present it to you today.

120ml E-Liquid | Only £8.99
Blackcurrant Menthol Vape Juice Flavour Online UK

6. Mixed Fruity Bumbleberry

Bumbleberry by Frappo Vape juice is a pleasurable mixed berry flavour. Available in 120ml and multi-pack options, it’s your one stop vape shop. Our vape juice is made up of solely the finest ingredients to deliver the best vaping experience possible. Whether you’re looking for a fruity berry flavour or one with a smooth tasty edge, we’ve got something for everyone! Here at Bumbleberry E-Liquid UK, our mission is to bring you freshness that’s both inviting and flavoursome. We are constantly researching how to make better e-cigarettes without sacrificing flavour or quality.

120ml E-Liquid | Only £8.99
Mixed Fruit Bumbleberry Vape Juice Flavour Online UK

7. Puff a Vimto 

Our Frappo® Vape juice Vimto Mixed Berries flavour, which you can buy on our e-liquid shop. You can choose between a range of flavours and nicotine concentrations, as well as a wide selection of brands from various corners of the globe. We have an excellent variety of the best products in stock. Buy your e-liquid online and we will ship it to your door, wherever you may be in the United Kingdom. We believe that freshness matters. That’s why we use only the highest grade of e-liquids. It also means you get to enjoy a premium flavour experience with Vimto Vape Juice every time you vape.

120ml E-Liquid | Only £8.99
Vimto Vape Juice Flavour Online UK

8. Baked Cherry Bakewell Tart

Introducing  another one of our 25 Best Vape Flavours UK is our fruity bombshell Frappo® E-liquid. This amazing E-liquid flavour tastes of Cherry Bakewell Tart Vape juice. The mouthwatering aroma instantly transports you to the summer lunch tables of yesteryear with its authentic scent. An E-liquid for everyone, this flavour has been created using a combination of ripe cherries and rich freshly baked cherry pie, with a deliciously creamy custard. Available in 100ml and 120ml bottle sizes as well as 50ml, 80ml, 60ml and 30ml E-liquid shortfills in various Cherry Flavours.

120ml E-Liquid | Only £8.99
Cheery Bakewell Tart Vape Juice Flavour Online UK

9. Deep Juicy Dark Berry Fizz 

Dark Berry Fizz offers the delectable taste of strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. Our unique Mixed Berries flavour is a true all-day vape for anyone in search of a fruity, sweet taste that is bursting with compelling flavours. Made using our high standards for quality and consistency, it’s available in 120ml and has a rich VG/PG mix to ensure maximised cloud production. What was tried and tested has now been re-invented with the emergence of Frappo E-liquid. This unique taste will leave your breath smelling like a freshly prepared, soft and moist Dark Berry Fizz e-juice with a hint of icy pop.

120ml E-Liquid | Only £8.99
Dark Berry Fizz Vape Juice Flavour Online UK

10. Fantastic Fizzy Cola Bottles

Pick up some fizzy cola vape juice today, and your taste buds will get one big blast of flavour. Our E-Liquid is made in the UK, and all ingredients are also sourced in UK. Made with pure Propylene Glycol, vegetable glycerine, natural and artificial flavouring, along with nicotine if required. This product is perfect for new vapers looking to try some flavours. Frappo is a complex e-liquid flavour mixed with fizzy cola vape liquid bottles and icy pops. Whether you’re relaxing on your couch or enjoying your time outside, the sugar rush of Frappo is sure to please you.

120ml E-Liquid | Only £8.99
Fizzy Cola Bottles Vape Juice Flavour Online UK

11. Fab Forest Fruits

Vape Forest Fruit E-Liquid by Frappo® Vape Shop UK is the ultimate vaping experience. Forest Fruit E-Liquids are made with professionally extracted nicotine and a variety of natural extracts. This vape juice provides a smooth throat hit with a sweet, rich flavour. Forest Fruit e-liquid is available in 120ml bottle size. We stock the largest selection of e-liquids in the UK; from simple fruit, menthol and tobacco flavoured e-liquids, all the way to more decadent dessert and candy flavours. With a wide variety of brands across the UK, we’re confident you’ll find an e-liquid that suits you.

120ml E-Liquid | Only £8.99
Forest Fruit Vape Juice Flavour Online UK

12. Fruity Juicy Bubblegum

Welcome to Frappo online Vape Juice store! We feature a wide selection of premium e-liquid and e-cigarette products. Whether you are looking for the perfect cloud maker or a juicy, tasty, flavourful vape juice we got you covered. Our hand crafted e-juices come in many amazing flavours like Bubblegum and Tasty Puffs. You can choose from many different nicotine levels as well. We’ve got everything that you’re looking for at Frappo® Vape Shop. If you’re new to vaping, choosing the right e-liquid flavour for you can be a time consuming process. Our range of vape flavours includes everything from simple fruit and bubblegum flavour vape juice, all the way to more complex and decadent dessert flavours for you to experiment with.

120ml E-Liquid | Only £8.99
Bubblegum Vape Juice Flavour Online UK

13. Cool Fruity Menthol

Our e-liquid is the most delicious, premium  e-juice on the market. Our Vape Juice consists of purely premium flavours, absolutely 100% free from Diacetyl, Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl. We only use vegetable glycerol (VG) and propylene glycol (PG), natural and organic flavourings produced in an ISO certified lab at 99.999%. Whether you’re a first-time vaper or an experienced puffer, choosing the right e-liquid flavour for you can be a time consuming process. Our range of vape flavours includes everything from simple fruit menthol and Minty Menthol flavours, all the way to more complex and decadent tropical fruit flavours for you to experiment with.

120ml E-Liquid | Only £8.99
Fruity Menthol Vape Juice Flavour Online UK

14. Grumpy Grape Rocks

Grape Rocks eLiquid is a sweet, succulent grape flavoured e-liquid at an affordable price. A pure and clean smoke, with the real taste of grapes for a truly original vaping experience! Available in 0mg, 12mg and 18mg, try the best cheap e-liquid on the market today. There’s nothing else quite like choosing Grape Rocks e-liquid. You can select from an incredible variety of flavours – everything from simple fruit and Grape Ice flavours, all the way to more complex decadent dessert flavours to experiment with. Our range of great value vape flavours was created by Frappo, the leading vape flavour experts, guaranteeing you’ll be satisfied.

120ml E-Liquid | Only £8.99
Grape Vape Juice Flavour Online UK

15. Minty Menthol Sensation

Minty Menthol E-Liquid from Frappo® Vape Shop UK is perfect for those who want a refreshing flavour. It will leave your taste buds feeling icy and refreshed. The 30ml of e-liquid comes with a 60%/40% ratio of propylene glycol (PG)/vegetable glycerin (VG), which makes the vapour thicker allowing you to vape for longer. It has a cooling flavour which isn’t overpowering making it very easy on the pallet. We stock the largest selection of e-liquids in the UK; from simple minty menthol and icy flavoured e-liquids, all the way to more decadent dessert and candy flavours. 120ml opaque plastic bottles with childproof caps for added security of your liquid.

120ml E-Liquid | Only £8.99
Mint Menthol Vape Juice Flavour Online UK

16. Jumping Jam & Custard

Our Jam & Custard E-Liquid delivers a delicious, fruity inhale followed by custard exhale – it’s simply delectable! With a 70/30 PG/VG ratio this juice is perfect for both beginners and experienced vapers. Sample your favourite eliquid range, intensify your vape and build your taste-bud stack with Frappo®. Our range of Jam & Custard flavoured e-liquids are the perfect alternative for complete domination and total satisfaction in every way to your taste buds. We stock a wide range of pudding flavours for all vapers, from simple jammy custard flavoured e-liquids, all the way to more decadent dessert and candy flavours. With a varied selection from the very best UK brands.

120ml E-Liquid | Only £8.99
Custard Vape Juice Flavour Online UK

17. Lucky Lemon Tart

At Frappo® Vape Juice we offer an enormous range of Juicy and Tasty E-Liquids that are of the highest quality at affordable prices. We offer a large selection of flavours ranging from fruity flavours such as Apple and Watermelon through to dessert based flavours like Berry Cobbler and Lemon Tart. Our E-Liquid comes already steeped in beautiful custards for a tangy Lemon Tart flavour or in scrumptious creams for a creamy smooth vape unlike any you have ever had before. Our Lemon Tart Vape Juice 120ml e-liquids selection is available in a wide variety of flavours to suit all needs. From simple lemon flavoured e-liquids, to lime desserts and candies. We’ve got everything covered.

120ml E-Liquid | Only £8.99
Lemon Tart Pie Vape Juice Flavour Online UK

18. Lazy Lime Slush

Lime Slush Vape Juice is a delicious tasting flavour that you can’t get enough of. This vape juice is made with lime and sour apple. These flavours are blended together to create an e-liquid flavour that you won’t be able to put down. The lime and sour apple taste is refreshing. You will want more. This e-juice is affordable and affordable to buy in bulk. Make your choices easier with Lime Slush e-liquid available in 120ml bottles. We offer e-liquid from pure lime flavoured to more decadent dessert and candy flavours. Look no further, we have it 

120ml E-Liquid | Only £8.99
Lime Vape Juice Flavour Online UK

19. Big Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy

Vape is the new smoking, and there is a world of fruity vapes out there, but so far all I have tried have been too artificial, not juicy or tasty enough. That is why I wanted to create something that would be much closer to the real thing. Raspberry Cotton Candy E-Liquid has a sweet, raspberry flavour with just a hint of candy sweetness with it. It works perfectly in an all day vape or as a treat when you want something sweet and tasty. If you’re in search of a delicious treat, treat yourself. Try our sweet, but not too sweet, Big Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy E-liquid by Frappo® E-Juice. Part of the famous Frappo® Juice range and with a 120ml bottle size, you’ll be sure to get your moneys worth. With simple instructions on how to use e-liquids in an electronic cigarette, it’s easy to start vaping!

120ml E-Liquid | Only £8.99
Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy Vape Juice Flavour Online UK

20. Randy Raspberry Marshmallow Doughnut

Juicy Marshmallow Doughnut e-liquid by Vape treats you to a vape that tastes exactly like the sweet treat of a wonderful Raspberry Marshmallow Donut. This vape juice is infused with the perfect amount of flavour so that none of the taste is lost, and it is mixed with a silky smooth and soft vanilla base which gives you the perfect amount of throat hit. If you like Dessert flavoured e-liquids, you’ll love Randy Raspberry Marshmallow Doughnut E-liquid by Frappo® Juice. It’s as sweet as marshmallows, but not too sweet. This dessert flavour will leave a sweet taste in your mouth long after you’ve finished vaping. Thanks to it’s 120ml bottle size, it will last you longer than some of the smaller eliquids.

120ml E-Liquid | Only £8.99
Raspberry Marshmallow Donut Vape Juice Flavour Online UK

21. Ribena Ice Lolly

Ribena is a classic British fruit juice that is so big it’s drank around the world! What better way to enjoy the taste of soft and tangy blackcurrant than in our new E-liquid range! The Ribena Ice Original flavour combination is undeniably one of a kind, with just the right amount of sweetness, this E-liquid is sure to please even the pickiest of vapers! You’ve worked so hard, treat yourself to a sweet, fruity indulgence from Ribena Ice Lolly E-liquid by Frappo® Juice. Available in a range of sizes, it’s the perfect pick-me-up when you need a burst of delicious berry flavour.

120ml E-Liquid | Only £8.99
Ribena Vape Juice Flavour Online UK

22. Super Spearmint Soft Mint

Frappos Vape Juice is a delicious Spearmint Soft Mint flavour, which will remind you of your favourite soft mints, this is a perfect all day vape. It’s a great taste that’s sweet and refreshing, it’s a cool and calm vape that most ex-smokers will love. If you want something to satisfy your sweet tooth but want it in vapour form, Frappo® e-liquid has got you covered! This is one for the vapour who loves fruit flavours that are light and easy on the taste buds. You can get a good deal on an e-cigarette liquid from the Frappo® Juice range – and you can buy your own Super Spearmint Soft Mint E-liquid by Frappo® Juice today.

120ml E-Liquid | Only £8.99
Spearmint Vape Juice Flavour Online UK

23. Silky Strawberry Milkshake

You have a full passion for all things that are delicious and sugary, so naturally, you love a thick milkshake. The taste of strawberries and cream and a rich, creamy milk; even when drinking it quickly out of the straw it never gets thick. You can almost picture this flavour in your head in all its gorgeousness. Too bad real strawberry milkshakes aren’t meant to vape. But you know what is? Strawberry Milkshake E-Liquid from your friends at Frappo® Vapes Ltd! We offer the whole range of vaping flavours that you may be looking for including: Juicy Treats, Tropical Chills, Strawberry Milkshake and many more! Mouth-watering strawberries and hints of milk are combined to create the perfect sweet treat know as Silky Strawberry Milkshake. This one is a surefire way to tingle your taste buds and fill your mouth with delight.

120ml E-Liquid | Only £8.99
Strawberry Milkshake Vape Juice Flavour Online UK

24. Summer Punch Fizz

If you love the taste of fresh summer fruit, you’ll love our Summer Punch Fizz E-liquid. It has a combined flavour of delicious pomegranate, tropical passionfruit and tangy lemon. It’s perfect for hot days, as it’s both cooling and refreshing. And as it’s an 80% VG liquid, you’ll find that it creates impressive clouds – perfect for blowing massive farts in the summer heat!  If you’re new to vaping, choosing the right e-liquid flavour for you can be a time consuming process. Our range of Summer Punch Fizz vape flavours includes everything crazy fruit flavours, all the way to more complex and decadent dessert flavours for you to experiment with.

120ml E-Liquid | Only £8.99
Summer Fruity Punch Vape Juice Flavour Online UK

25. Sweet Tobacco

Our E-Liquid is sweet, tasty, and juicy. It’s perfect for tobacco smokers that want to quit, or Vapers looking for thick clouds. Our nicotine free E-Liquid is also sweet and delicious. You won’t find a better deal on Tobacco or E-Liquid anywhere else! Whether you’re a first-time vaper or an experienced puffer, choosing the right e-liquid flavour for you can be a time consuming process. Our range of Sweet Tobacco vape flavour includes everything from caramel to vanilla flavours, all the way to more complex and decadent tropical fruit flavours for you to experiment with.

120ml E-Liquid | Only £8.99
Frappo Sweet Tobacco vape juice E-Liquid UK