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Massive 120ml UK Made Frappo Vape Liquid For Only £7.99 each

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Frappo® Vape Shop Online UK sells Mesh CoilsE-LiquidDisposable Vape BarsCBD Products, E-Cigs, E-Juices, CBD Oils, CBD Vape Pens, Vape Pod KitsVape Kits & Mods, Vape Starter Kits, Vape Tanks, Vaping Clearance Products & Vaping Accessories

Vaping Juice at affordable prices. Frappo Vape Juice is available in a wide range of E-liquid flavours to choose from. Whether you are searching online for 10ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 120ml bottle sizes. We stock many vape liquid flavours & Disposable Vape Pens. All of our Vape liquid is made right here in the U.K. Check out our e-juice videos on our Youtube Channel here.

Affordable Vape Coils | Disposable Vape Pens | Vape Starter Kits | Nic Salts 

Frappo Online Vape shop offers plenty of flavours of 120ml E-liquids and disposable Vape Bars to meet all your different requirements. From our classic flavours such as lime and apple through to the new flavour of fresh berries. Mixed Fruits and Strawberry Milkshake Vape Juice are just 2 of our classic flavours that you could make your all day vape.

Fruit Flavour E-Liquid UK

Fruit Flavour E-Liquids

Get the latest in fruity Cheap E liquid UK vape flavours. We create many awesome vaping fruit flavours such as; Apple E-liquid, Strawberry E-liquid, Lemon E-liquid, Lemon Tart E-liquid, Watermelon E-liquid, Cherry E-liquid, Blueberry E-liquid, Grape E-liquid, Mango E-liquid, Orange E-liquid, Lime E-liquid, Raspberry E-liquid.

Dessert Flavour E-Liquid Vape Juice E Liquids UK

Dessert Flavour E-Liquids

Get the latest in Cheap Dessert E liquid UK Vape flavours. We stock a range of vaping dessert flavours such as; Vanilla E-liquid, Vanilla Custard E-liquid, Lemon Tart E-liquid, Cherry Bakewell E-liquid, Strawberry Cheesecake E-liquid, KeyLime Pie E-liquid, Blueberry Muffin E-liquid, Cheesecake E-liquid, Raspberry E-liquid

Sweet Flavour E-Liquid | 120ml Candy Flavour Online Vape Juice UK

Sweet Flavour E-Liquids

Crave the latest in sweet E-juice vape flavours. We create many tasty vaping sweet flavours such as; Pear Drops E-liquid, Tropical Custard E-liquid, Lemon Sherbert E-liquid, Rhubarb & Custard E-liquid, Black Jack E-liquid, Cherry Drops E-liquid, Lemonade E-liquid, Apple Sours E-liquid, Skittles E-liquid, Fruit Pastels E-liquid, Red Astair E-liquid,

Menthol Flavour E-Liquid UK | Double Menthol Vape Juice | Ice Cool Menthol

Menthol Flavour E-Liquids

Get the latest in menthol Cheap E liquid UK vape flavours. We create many awesome vaping menthol flavours such as; Menthol E-liquid, Tropical Menthol E-liquid, Blackcurrant Menthol E-liquid, Mint Menthol E-liquid, Blueberry Ice E-liquid, Spearmint E-liquid, Apple Sours E-liquid, Citrus Ice E-liquid, Sour Slush E-liquid.

Most Popular Top Selling Vape Juice By Frappo® Online Vape Juice UK Shop

Popular Vape Juice is an important part of any vape starter kit. In this comprehensive guide you’ll find a list of the top 5 vape juices in all of the popular vape juice categories. Delight in the finest frappes, candy and dessert vapes, fruit flavours, drinks, menthols and tobacco vapes.

Are you looking for the best vape juice? It can be hard to find products perfect for your needs. The choices are endless, and it’s hard to tell what is high quality and what isn’t. This page details which e-juices are the most popular and considered the best in all categories, We’ve also included a link to our buyer’s guide that tells you everything you need to know about choosing the right flavour.

Best Disposable Vape Bars UK 2022

Disposable vape bars can be found here at the best prices only on our website. Our mouthwatering flavours are available for just 6.99 each! Choose between a huge selection of Cheap disposable Vape Pens that have intensely flavourful possibilities, including Strawberry, Lemon Tart, Ice, Lime, Grape or Apple and Raspberry. If you haven’t tried Fruit Juice E-Liquids yet, then you haven’t tried the delicious and gentle sensation of vaping. Start your next vape session with some Strawberry Vape Juice today!

25 of the Latest & Best E-liquid Flavours in UK (2022)

Find the latest & best 25 E-liquids in 2022, Buy cheap e-juice, vape juice here. Vaping refers to one thing: The liquid or e-juice used in vaping. Vaping is a process using an electronic cigarette to produce vapor from the heat generated by a battery and the liquid inside. As we all know, e-liquid can be used to store different types of ingredients and therefore we have different tastes for you like coffee, cherry, vanilla, orange, mint and so on. But do you know what’s in e-liquid? Unlike cigarettes that have over 4,000 chemicals including 43 carcinogenic compounds and 400 other toxins, the ingredients of e-liquid are rather simple and food grade: PG is Propylene Glycol (is also used as artificial sweat in theatres), VG is Vegetable Glycerin (it’s a kind of plant oil) and flavourings. So no wonder why it’s healthier than cigarette smoking!

Check Out Our Top 25 Vape Liquid Flavours Available for 2022

E-Liquid NameBottle SizeDescription & Flavour
Vibrant Apple & Mango120mlApples with a Splash of Juicy Mango's
Creamy Apple & Crumble Custard 120mlToasty apples in crusty crumble dipped in custard
Popping Apple Rocks120mlExcited & Popping sharp Green Apple rocks
Sweet Black jack120mlOld School Favourite Sweets
Bursting Blackcurrant Menthol120mlDeep Dark Blackcurrants with a cool edge
Mixed Fruity Bumbleberry120mlCanadian Assorted Berries
Puff a Vimto 120mlClassic Soft Drink
Baked Cherry Bakewell Tart120mlBaked cherry with rich tart
Deep Juicy Dark Berry Fizz 120mlDark Rich Jungle Berries
Fantastic Fizzy Cola Bottles120mlIcy Crisp Cola Bottles from back in the day
Fab Forest Fruits120mlWild forest Fruit Mix
Fruity Juicy Bubblegum120mlSquishy Soft Pink Bubblegum
Cool Fruity Menthol120mlCool Cold Fruits
Grumpy Grape Rocks120mlJuicy Grapes with a Icy Edge
Minty Menthol Sensation120mlIce Cool Menthol
Jumping Jam & Custard120mlWarm Rich Jam with Custard
Lucky Lemon Tart120mlFamous Lemon Tart
Lazy Lime Slush120mlFairground Lime Slush
Big Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy120mlBlue Candy Floss with Raspberries
Randy Raspberry Marshmallow Doughnut120mlMarshmallow Filled Doughnuts with a drizzle of Raspberry Juice
Ribena Ice Lolly120mlPopular Soft Drink
Super Spearmint Soft Mint120mlFresh Spearmint with every puff
Silky Strawberry Milkshake120mlLight Fluffy Milk with plenty of Big Strawberries
Summer Punch Fizz120mlJuicy Summer Fruits with a Fizz
Sweet Tobacco120mlMild Caramel, Honey Tobacco
25 Best Vape Flavours UK that switch away from tobacco cigarettes and try vaping with e-juice. There’s a wide variety of eLiquids on the market today, which can make choosing the right one difficult.

Buy Affordable Vaping Liquid Online Today!

We offer the best vape juice online. Come check it out today and try our hundreds of flavours of vape juice from your favourite brands. We are confident that you will find a flavour that fits your taste buds and makes you happy! A best seller, our premium vape juice has been serving the vaping and e-liquid needs of our customers for over 2 years. We use only the finest ingredients to create a delectable, quality product at an affordable price!

Choose your Favourite E-Liquid Flavours Right Now

Frappo E-Liquids Online make some of the best vape juice online. We offer a broad selection of flavours and nicotine levels in a variety of strengths. Our e-juice comes with CHEAP SHIPPING and the lowest price guarantee. At Frappo.co.uk we pride ourselves on the quality and price of our vape juices. With over 100 flavours available you’ll be spoiled for choice. We have flavours to suit all tastes, from classic tobacco through to the latest mint and menthol flavour. Delivered direct to your door in 3-5 days, with free delivery on all UK orders over £50!

Affordable Vape Juice for E-Cig

Enjoy vaping all day with Vape Juice for your E-cig. We offer fresh, handcrafted E-Liquid from local brands in the UK. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco, check out our e-liquid starter kits and are sure to choose the one for you.

At Frappo.co.uk we’ve got vape juice flavours to satisfy any palate. Whether you’re looking for a juicy peach flavour, a sweet apple flavour, or even a refreshing cup of coffee flavour, Frappo has you covered with our large selection of vape juice flavours .

One Stop Online Vape Store in the UK

Vape Shop Online UK has a vast stock of Vape Liquids in 10ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 120ml E-Liquid bottles. We stock many juicy vaping flavours & blends of E-Liquids. All of our vaping juices are made in the U.K. here at Frappo Vape Store UK, find an array of multiple e-liquid flavours for all types of taste buds such as; Yoghurt flavour e-liquid, Tobacco flavour e-liquid, Vanilla flavour e-liquid, pick from a variety of flavours and bottle sizes, including 10ml TPD-compliant vape liquid and massive 120ml Shortfills.

Best Dessert Flavoured E-Juice UK

Order our best dessert flavoured e liquid uk from Frappo Vape Juice UK only available via our online vape shop. We stock other various UK E-Liquid Manufacturers including e juice suppliers such as Riot Squad, Double Drip, Vampire Vape, Nasty Juice, and Dinner Lady e liquid. Whichever way you like to vape, you will find your ideal e cigarette, e-juice in high-PG, high-VG.

If you are looking for Nicotine Salts that are 50/50 along with 50ml shortfills or 100ml e-liquid. At Frappo® Vape Juice UK, you will discover awesome, premium, tasty e-liquids. Save money when you order a 120ml, 100ml E-Liquid from us, instead of paying the same amount of money for only a small 50ml of tasteless vape e-juice.

Online Vape Shop UK

We also stock 100ml e liquid at clearance prices, You can find amazing bargains at Frappo® online Vape Juice UK, Our vaping starter kitsNic saltsNicotine shotsVape kitsCheap E-liquid bundles and all coilsVape pod kitsDisposable vape pens, come with free delivery in the U.K.

E-liquid White Label and Manufacturing

Order white label e-liquid that is manufactured in the UK.

  • Custom/Bespoke Flavour Manufacturer
  • White Label
  • Logo Design and Brand Creation

Get different vaping bottle sizes of UK Vaping liquid such as; 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 60ml, 80ml, 100ml, 120ml. We also stock e liquid concentrates and E-liquid shortfills in various vaping flavours like; Fruit flavoursDessert FlavoursMenthol flavoursSweets flavours and many more…

We also stock e-liquid flavour concentrates. Get the latest range of nicotine salt shots. Some other vape juice brand that we also sell are Candy King, Dinner Lady, Doozy Vape, Dr Frost, Element, Frooti Tooti, Hangsen, Kingston, Mad Hatter, Rockstar Vapes, Zeus Juice

Vaping Hardware

We also on occasion stock Geekvape, Lost Vape, Flavorah, Voopoo, ELeaf, Smok, Vaporesso, Sigelei, Innokin and many more. We at Frappo® stock a wide range of vaping products such as; Coils, Pod kits, Tanks, Drip Tips, Starter Kits & Disposable Vape Pens.

Can Frappo® Vape Juice Expire?

Frappo® vape juice or known as e-liquid is the liquid that your vaping coil burns inside your e-cigarette tank. There are two base liquids that consists of propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG), Then flavourings are fruit flavour or dessert flavours are added. Nicotine shots can be added as a last step by the end user.

The short answer to the question ‘can e-liquid expire’ is yes, but there are more factors to consider.

Our Online E-Liquid Shop UK  Delivery Service

We deliver our Vape Juice UK & other Vaping products to all parts of the UK. When searching online for the best UK made E-LiquidsFrappo Vape shop can be found online in Coventry, Birmingham, London, Manchester, Glasgow, Northern Ireland, Leicester, Oxford, Sheffield, Preston, Blackburn, Leeds, Wales, Cardiff, Swindon, Peterborough, Liverpool, Bath, Bristol, Nottingham, Exeter when searching for a vape shop near me.

Vape Clearance Sale Today on our Online Vape Shop UK

Vape Shop Online UK sells Mesh Coils, E-Liquid, Disposable Vape Bars, CBD Products, E-Cigs, E-Juices, CBD Oils, CBD Vape Pens, Vape Pod Kits, Vape Kits, Vape Starter Kits, Vape Tanks, Vaping Clearance Products & Vaping Accessories. 

Vape Liquid Shop

Come check it out today and try our hundreds of vape juice flavours from your favourite vape brands. We are confident that you will find a flavour that fits your taste buds and makes you happy! A best seller, our premium vape juice has been serving the vaping and e-liquid needs of our customers for over 2 years. We use only the finest ingredients to create a delectable, quality product at an affordable price!

Online CBD Shop

We stock some of the best CBD & CBG Smoking products in the UK. Browse our huge inventory of CBD supplies such as; 

  • CBD Oils
  • CBD Paste
  • CBD Shatter
  • CBD Solid
  • CBD Wax
  • CBD Jelly
  • Terpenes
  • CBD Vape
  • CBD Food
  • CBD Drinks
  • CBD Skincare
  • CBD Capsules

Discover More Vape Supply Brands Such as;

Online Tobacco Supplies Shop

Find the right smoking products with our online smoking supplies inventory, You will discover a vast array of tobacco related products for you to choose from such;

  • Rolling paper
  • Cigarette Tips
  • Roaches
  • Infused Terpene Cones
  • Blunts
  • Bongs
  • Pipes
  • Shisha Supplies
  • Grinders
  • Lighters
  • Matches
  • Storage Containers
  • Rolling Equipment
  • Ashtrays
  • Electronic Scales
  • Vaporisers
  • Gift Sets

50ml E-Liquid Shop

50ml e-liquids are available in crazy vape juice flavours for you to choose from, We stock Dessert flavour vape e liquid, Fruit flavour vape e liquid, Menthol flavour vape e liquid, Mint flavour vape e liquid

100ml E-Liquid Shop

100ml Vape Liquids are a good choice if you want more e-juice to last you a little longer. We have plenty of vape juice flavours that come in a 100ml bottle size.

Other Vaping Products Available


Frappo® Online Vape Juice UK FAQ's

Vape Juice QuestionsVaping Answers
Is Vaping the same as smoking a cigarette?Vaping liquid is a lot safer than smoking real tobacco, Tobacco can contain thousands of harmful chemicals, Vape juice is made from food grade propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin.
What is the ingredients of E-Liquid?Vape Juice is made up of four base liquids such as; water, propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin known as (PG and VG).
Flavourings & nicotine are added later to enhance the taste & strength.
How to make vape juice at home?
Mix a desired amount of VG & PG as base liquids, then add your flavour of choice which can be Apple, Custard, Grapes or even a Tobacco flavour E-liquid, Then add your nicotine liquid that suits your strength requirements. Shake it and let it sit for at least 30 mins.
How much nicotine in 10ml E liquid?Example: You buy 10ml bottle of e-liquid. that 10ml bottle of Vape Juice will contain 1.0% of nicotine in total.
How do you add nicotine to vape juice?To add nicotine liquid to your vape juice shotfills, a 100ml e-liquid bottle contains 80ml of E-liquid, you add 20ml of nicotine liquid to end up with 100ml of vape juice. Nicotine shots can be found in 10ml bottles, also known as nic salt shots.
What is the best Flavour of vape?Custard, strawberry flavoured e-juice, lemon tart, and ice flavoured e-liquid are in the top five list of the most popular flavours of vape juice.
How do I choose vape flavour?How do I choose vape flavor? A question that may arise when you are planning to smoke electronic cigarettes. Nonetheless, electronic smoking is the incomparable advantage to the old way of smoking. E-Liquid is a bit more expensive in comparison to the regular tobacco. However, it is very affordable and worth your choice. E-liquids are available in different flavors; among them are custard, strawberry, lemon tart, ice, lime, grape, apple and raspberry. Just as with tobacco smoking, your e-liquid flavor will vary from one e-cigarette to another.
What are the vape Flavours?
Vape flavoured e-liquid is often the first consideration when trying to quit smoking cigarettes. This can be a step in the right direction to switching from smoking and potentially becoming a long term vaper. These vape flavours, such as our ever popular 'Strawberry' flavour, come in a variety of strengths and options as well as being offered alongside menthol or tobacco flavours.
How many puffs of vape is equal to a cigarette?Did you know that the average cigarette contains over 4000 harmful chemicals and cigarette smoke is full of toxic gases? Many of these toxins are known to cause lung cancer, strokes, heart attacks, and various other serious health problems. A cigarette also contains nicotine, which is highly addictive and can be found in many well-known brands of e-cigarette liquid.


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